Sunday 27 October 2013

Bennington Mill - South River Modelworks

This is the South River Modelworks web view of there new kit. There are 3 structures included in this kit.
H.W.Myers & Son

Don Janes and I discussed the new South River Modelworks kit this week. Don has already ordered one with a good location in mind on his expansion to the Green Mountain Division. Don has already built many of the South River's kits and raves about how great they are. The price is steep, $300 for the mill complex but there is a lot included in the kit. Actually when you think what one spends on say an engine it is not all that bad price wise. At least that is me reason for ordering one also. I do actually have a spot on the layout that I have been thinking of replacing a structure with one that is  more detailed. The footprint of H.W. Myers & Son is an exact fit. Don and I plan to pick up our kits at the Expo next month....saving the shipping charge...what a deal.

Old sign on the mill.
I had actually stopped by the prototype location in Bennington, Vermont last fall. It has been used by Bennington pottery for many years now. The mill was located on the Glastenbury branch or spur of the Rutland Ry. The prototype structure, or what remains today is a really impressive blast from the past. I took a group of photos of the structure at that time....enjoy....George Dutka

Street side view of the mill location.
Rear view. The building has had some add-on's over the years.

This is an interior view of the overhead details. Today the mill is a retail outlet for pottery products.
Door details.


  1. Mine arrived earlier this week - another excellent offering from Bob VanGelder.
    And yes, I actually have a spot for this one! Unlike some of South River's earlier kits, this one can be built to fit a long skinny spot, like many of us have on our layouts.

  2. Have been to Bennington many times, lived there for 6 months, have never been inside but have been by many times. Never knew it had an earlier purpose. Yes, it is a great model, wish there was one of G. W. Bailey mill in Swanton, its long gone now, but was prominent in the area of the CV station there.