Friday 4 October 2013

Rutland Ry. Train Order Signal

One can see the train order signal clearly from a train approaching the depot.
  Scratch building a Rutland Ry. train order signal

I wanted to have an example of the railroads order boards which operate on the White River Division. That would be the B&M, CV and Rutland Ry. They all are different or unique. For my Rutland Ry. Petersburgh, NY. station and my other model a Rutland Ry. combination section house-operators office modeled after the North Dorset, Vt. prototype, I built a order board  that reflects the prototype. I don't believe there is a commercial model available at the moment.

The two blades are constructed from styrene. I traced a pattern from a Rutland Ry. station photo. I enlarged the pattern to what I thought looked right for HO scale. I then transferred the pattern to thin styrene, cutting them out and doing a little sanding to smooth out the edges. For the light lens attached to the blade I just cut a very think sliver off a plastic model spure. The blades are painted Floquil engine black. I then painted the arm Floquil signal red. A white band is painted using reefer white. The light lens is painted Floquil coach green followed by a dab of glaze. The blades are attached using Walthers Goo and are added last or once the rest of the details are in place on the post.
The operator-section house is a replica of the North Dorset, Vt. prototype including the train order signal that was once there. Although the structure is a kit the signal had to be scratch built.
The signal post is made from stock 8'by8' NorthEastern Scale Lumber. All my train order posts are 30 feet tall. I scribed all the sides then painted it reefer white. The lantern on top is a Roundhouse #2951 marker light. I used wire for the rods on each side, which is painted grimy black. The ladder is Central Valley #1602 ladder package find. The ladder is also painted Floquil grimy black.

The project was a lot easier than one would think...George Dutka

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