Friday 11 October 2013

MEC Section House

My finished model of a Creative Laser Design's kit I purchased at the 2011 Expo.

Creative Laser Design`s  - MEC Section House

In my very first post on this blog I briefly covered the MEC section house kit I purchased at the Model Railroad Expo 2011. I really liked the looks of the kit and thought I would give you a second look. The MEC section house kit was a new experience for me at that time. I wanted to try constructing a wooden laser style kits. All the structures I had built to that point where scratch built or resin model kits. The MEC kit was an easy build and since then I have completed more complex laser kit structures. The current plans for the MEC section house is to add it to my HOn30 C&Q Ry. junction yard scene. So lets look at how it went together.

The instruction sheet is seen behind the kits parts. One can see the Northeastern slate roofing and the interior flooring along with the other detail parts. The hand car is not included with the kit.
The basic wall sections have been assembled. The doors and windows are seen ready for painting.
 Lucky I saved a few notes as my memory is really short these days.The structure went together well as per instructions. I did not add any additional bracing since it was so small. I added Northeastern 1 by 6 trim under the eaves. I added hinges made from styrene cut as a triangle. A door handle was also added which is not included in the kit. The base or floor is painted Floquil grime with roof brown streaking. I then dry brushed some white and black while the floor was still wet. Additional chalk weathering was added later. The walls are painted Floquil SP lettering gray and the trim is Floquil  coach green and dry brushed Vermont green. I also hit the trim with a bit of green and black chalk to weather it up a bit. The included roofing is Northeastern Scale Lumber slate sheeting which is a really nice product to be included in the kit. The unfortunate thing is they do not give one enough roofing to built the model. When I fitted the roofing it was two rows short. The width was a bit more than need be and had to be trimmed. I used the trimmed shingles to make up the top two rows. These had to be glued on individually. There was no roofing cap strip included. The roof and walls got a light weathering of black and brown chalk. I added some glazing to the window and cut a paper bag blind.

I added an interior since I was leaving the front sliding door open. I also left the side door open. I put a hand car inside along with two Juneco section men. I added a few tools, barrels and crates at locations that they could be seen...a great little addition to my modelling scenes...George Dutka

The section house is seen separate from its interior flooring. I added a good amount of details were it could be seen through the open doors. I glued the two section together with a couple of dabs of Walthers Goo.

The interior has been added to the section house.


  1. Your layout looks great!!!!!! I was wondering how do you hand lay your track? What do you use to weather your ties most importantly? I love the B&M especially the P4 Pacifics and R1D Mountains, at 17 its hard to afford brass yet alone a layout to run them.

  2. Hi Logan:
    Actually all the track on the White River Division is code 83 flex track. The ties are airbrushed Floquil grime and rail-tie brown. Hunterline stains also do a good job in some areas. On my modules and displays a lot if it is hand laid...George