Friday 22 November 2013

Alder Models - Barn

An overall view of the Alder Models barn kit. The roof is really nice with molded in wooden shingles. Just make sure one adds extra stiffening to the underside. Note the nice looking wind vane included in the kit.
A number of years ago I purchased my Alder Models barn as a kit. It appeared to have a lot of the flavour found in New England barns. The kit was a simple build, just gluing the sides together and adding the two piece roofing. The corners did have some styrene trim added to clean up the rough corner joints. The kit is some kind of resin that is flexible and varies in wall thickness. During my rebuild of the pumpkin patch I reinforced the roofing using scrap Gatorfoam. The roof had got a warp over the years. The roof is removable so one can see the details inside. The interior of the barn had a loft added on both sides of the door opening including ladders and additional details added around the doorways. One nice thing about the barn is that there is a middle door on both sides. I added a row of windows over the door. This was a simple add-on using boxcar ladders trimmed to fit. It is nice to see right though the barn. At some point I may use this for train photos shot through the two doorways.

The windows over the doorway are boxcar ladder stock that was trimmed to fit. The stone base is not included in the kit. I poured a hydrocal box then carved the stonework into it while still soft.

The barn was painted Floquil reefer white. I don't recall the colours used on the roof. It was some form of brown followed with a lot of chalk weathering and dry brush white highlights. The weather vane is included which is a nice touch. I liked the vane so much I purchased a package of Alder Models weather vanes, which has a selection of vanes I have used on other structures. They are really nice and fine brass etchings. Alder Models made a lot of great products but unfortunately the company currently is not around...who knows their products maybe introduced some day by another company. They also made some very nice CNR and CPR  switch stands...George Dutka

The ends are simple but nice.
One can see through the barn giving an option for photos to be shot through the structure.
This is the door on the rear of my barn. Both sides are identical.

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  1. what a great kit, I like it when both doors are opened