Monday, 18 November 2013

Expo Clinics 2013

The lighting em up clinic showed one how to add lighting to displays such as this view on the screen.
 This year I did not take in as many clinics as in past years. Partly because I was busy shopping in the vendors room, missed one clinic I hoped to see. I found some of the clinics repeated from last year. Although it is nice to have all new clinics each year some repeats help one catch up on missed clinics from previous years.There are two clinics going on all day at the same one has to choose.

I began the day by watching Dave Frary's clinic on modelling a sugar cane railroad. Dave now models a narrow gauge short line similar to those found in Cuba. I found it a really interesting clinic. From the angle of my seat I could not get very good photos of the screen so I did not take any photos.

Bill showed us how one can build this tiny lamp with a LED as the bulb.

Light em up was the next clinic I attended. Bill Sartore explains the amps, volts and watts of LED's. It was a good clinic that got me thinking of interior lighting for the future. Brian Bollinger of BEST Trains gave a really good clinic on creating signs. This was the first time I had seen one of Brain's clinics and I thought it was the best I seen all day. For each example on the screen he had a model to pass around for us to see first hand. His presentation taught me a lot....George Dutka

Brian shows some of his use of signs.
Simple to build billboard for minimal cost.
This roof top sign was really neat.
Brian's display shows the different weathering he did to this wall. The warehouse sign got a scrubbing with steel wool prior to the other signs being attached.

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  1. I really liked the last photo, I never knew that you could use steel wool to age a sign..thanks for the tip