Saturday 2 November 2013

North Bennington, Vt. Frt House Colour

A bill box of some sort had been removed from the wall by the office door which reveals a colour from the past. I took this photo during the fall of 2008.
Don Janes was building a model of the North Bennington freight house almost a decade ago. At that time he was wondering what colour it was during the Rutland Ry. era. Well I was not sure at all as I have seen it in only the current red colour. The yahoo groups did not seem to know also. During the fall of 2008 Don and I visited North Bennignton on our way home from a trip to Vermont. Next to the office door a bill or mail box had been removed  that probably had been there since the Rutland Ry. days. It appears it was green back then....George Dutka

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