Saturday 30 November 2013

Cold outside? Well maybe not that cold yet!

Its sure is cold in Florida, Mass. during January...Don Janes photo.
Back in January 2010 Don Janes and I followed the B&M line from North Adams to East Deerfield, Mass. When we climbed the mountain East out of North Adams we passed through Florida, Mass...well Florida was really cold that year.....I mean really really cold.....our cameras actually stopped operating at one point...we had to keep the batteries warm under our coats. I hope my next visit to Florida will be a bit nicer...the only white I want to see is sandy white beach and warm temperatures...this past week in the west end of London we have got two dumpings of snow...first was two feet on Sunday then another foot on Thursday....3 feet of snow in November...I got a feeling it is going to be a long winter....George Dutka

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