Friday 28 March 2014

Smart Phone Model Photography

Nathan took this photo of about a third of my layout at the Bellows Crossing end. The shot is panned 180 degrees. The photo does not show how the layout curves around.
Last year my daughters live in boyfriend was showing some photos he took at a local hockey game. One was a panoramic view that took in most of the arena...a really cool shot. Seems the Apple smart phone has a setting that you push the photo button then pan your camera can get a 360 degree photo once finished. You have to be steady and fast to get all you want in the photo.

Well I got him downstairs to try it on my layout. My layout is one you can stand in the middle and follow it around by just turning around slowly. Nathan took the first view at one end getting about a third of the layout in. I gave it a try and got maybe half of the layout in but not quite as steady. I guess if we spent more time practicing we might have got the whole layout in. Here are the two photos we did. It is hard to post a good size file on this blog but it give one the general idea of what these phones can do....George Dutka

I took this photo looking towards the duckunder which is now gone. One can figure out the curve a bit better than in the other photo. The 90 degree corner at the duckunder is better seen also. I got about half the layout in my photo by panning faster.

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  1. I remember that commercial, a man was able to take a photo of all the little kids dressed up for Halloween, I hope you figure it out