Friday 21 March 2014

Brookside Milk Cars at the Diamond

The local Rutland switcher is heading back into Bellows Crossing. It will have to wait till the B&M passes through town.
I took this photo some years ago for a feature on the Brookside milk cars. Well I have yet to finish it but thought I would share a photo from that file. The Rutland 0-8-0 switcher is a Proto model which sounds and runs great...maybe my favourite steam engine. I have a second one on hand to convert into a CV model. The three 40' Brooksdie milk cars are a few of my favourite milk cars. The middle one is a Train Miniatures model from many years ago that I improved on. The other two are also Train Miniatures-Walthers models that have had some work done to them too. At some point I will do a post featuring these Brookside milk cars. The B&M caboose is a brass model I purchased from Don Janes a few years back....thanks Don....George Dutka

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  1. I like it,especially the milk cars the graphics are neat.