Saturday 8 March 2014

New B&M Freight House - Installed

My Westboro freight house was placed on a slight angle to the service tracks nearby. This appears more appealing with the option of adding an additional truck at the side. I currently placed a loaded pickup there. There is enough trackage at this end of the peninsula for one car to be spotted at the docks. If I extend the scene the track will also be serviceable instead of just staged. I did have to move the stair location on my model to allow an area for large truck loading.
Westboro, NH on the White River Division
I took a group of photos of the finished structure now placed in service in my Westboro scene. I still have some work to do with the lighting is not all that great for photos. I also forgot to take the filter off the lens, so excuse the circles in some photos....George Dutka

Although the freight house is at the end of my peninsula I added a short piece of track that can hold one car. Today it is empty but on most visits to the White River Division one will find a car being unloaded.
Both end received signs that I have copied and reduced from the prototype Westboro station sign.
This is the other side of the freight house. I built a small gravel hump so smaller pickup trucks can be loaded. By this time the prototype freight house had another purpose, mine is dual use as a freight depot and a feed supplier.

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