Sunday 16 March 2014

White River Division - Westboro

A look at the engine service track form the end of the peninsula.
My Westboro scene is finally coming together well. Most of the scene is done other than the section house which will be located across from the sand house. Last week I finished my drawings for it. Hopefully next week I will get started on construction. I still have a few more details to add to the scene plus some more trees. These photos are a first look at the  Westboro shop track that I took a couple of weeks ago...enjoy...George Dutka

The fuel service area  appears to be busy today. I built the fuel service area as best I could, representing those elements found in photos of Westboro.
I located the water spout, sand tower and fuel dock by the sand house in the same order they once were on the prototype.
An overall view of the service area of Westboro. The B&M freight house once standing across the yard was a much larger structure. A reduction needed to be made since space was an issue. The Westboro sign is a reduced copy of the original station sign from the 1940-50's.

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