Sunday 23 March 2014

CV - State Line Station

CV State Line station as it looks in 2011. I first visited this structure in 1999 and it has not changed at all since then. The double door is an change the golf course has made at some point.
I covered the CV flag stop which once stood at State Line...or at the crossing which is at the line dividing Connecticut and Massachusetts in the CVRHS Ambassador, Volume 10 No. 1, published in 2000. The station was moved to the Quaboag Country Club on Route 32 in Monson, Mass. sometime before 1950. I decided to stop by and take a few more detailed photos plus get some basic measurements so at some point I could build a model....George Dutka

This is the roadside view of the ex-station. This would have been the trackside view.
A postcard view of the CV State Line station when in use. This particular crossing today is a good place to get photos of NECR trains. The crossing is at a good angle to the tracks.
A look under the eves.
Roof line.

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