Friday, 12 September 2014

GTW 40' Boxcar

An updated GTW boxcar rolls along on a contemporary era train. The WRD does jump ahead a decade or two from time to time.
You may remember last winter I decided to practice my weathering on some rolling stock I decided to sell at a local RR flea market. I thought they turned out well and most sold quickly, but this GTW boxcar I did take home. I actually liked the look of the weathering and decided to hang on to it. I built it in the early 1980's when one used any available boxcar that best looked like a photo one had to work from...adding a few available details, a coat of paint and a decal. One did not have many options for boxcars back then and even less options for details.

This car is a Bachmann model made in Taiwan that I added wire grabs and Kadee no. 5 couplers back in the 1980's. At some point I also changed out the trucks whith either Athearn or Branchline leftovers.  During my spring rebuild I decided to cut down the door adding new sliders. These details looked very heavy originally. I also added Detail Associates # 6215 cut levers, Tichy steel roof walk #2077,  A Line #29002 stirrups and Kadee brake wheel. The boxcar was already weathered with Bragdon powders last winter but some touch ups was needed after some new GTW blue was applied to the new details....think it looks good for a boxcar I probably paid a buck or two for back then....George Dutka

This is how the Bachmann boxcar looked last winter before I weathered it up and later replaced some details. Note the thick roof walk and stirrups. Don't think this boxcar seen the light of day for decades till now...the weathering and update has saved its fate for now.
The roof walk, brake wheel door tracks and trimmed door are added already. I had already added a few placards when the original weathering was done.  Cut levers and stirrups still need to be added.
My updated boxcar has only had a few changes made but sure looks a lot better now. The boxcar door and sliders trimmed and new roof walks are the updates that made the most difference.

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