Sunday, 7 September 2014

Collinsville Ct. 2014 - Clinics

The Collinsville, Ct. spring clinic schedule had a very good selection of talented modelers sharing their layouts and projects. I had already covered Ron Poidomani's resin castings clinic earlier. Don and I only took in a few clinics as we spent a good amount of time checking out the displays, vendors and catching up with old friends which we had not seen in years. The clinics we did take in always conflicted with other clinics we did want to see...seemed it was a toss of a coin that was needed. Bill Gill held two clinics that I wish I had seen but miss out on...maybe he will do them again at some point. Clinics we sat in on this year were Tony Koester's photos and stories of his Nickel Plate Road, Bill Schneider's O&W line which had some amazing photos of the layout. Pete McLachlan  shared his photos from his time working on the NH. Mike Rose gave an update on his layout and Neil Schofield covered construction of his huge feed mill....this is only a fraction of what was offered this year to see....George Dutka

Tony showed us this view of his engine house which has been reduced to fit the scene and isle-way, plus give one a look inside.
Tony describing his Nickle Plate layout.
Tony has emulated may scene he knows well...this one looks great.
One of the first clinics Don and I sat in on was given by Neil Schofield on modeling a large size mill found in Mass.
A slide view of Neil's mill
Neil displayed  his finished model in the Collinsville model display room. It was nice to see the model in person that he described in his clinic.
A low down view of the Agway mill.

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