Sunday 28 September 2014

All Door Boxcar

A CV local handles a lone load of lumber destined for White River Junction on the White River Division.
Last winter I purchased a second hand boxcar off Peter Mumby's table while helping him at one of our local railroad shows. This all door boxcar paint scheme really caught my eye. Not sure what it is about the car but it sure looks good behind my CV green engine. I always wanted to add one of this style of car to my contemporary fleet. I remember seeing many of these cars in the 1970's when I first hired on the CNR.This particular model is an older Life-Like offering. Today one can get a newer version as Walthers has re-released this car not that long ago.

Details Added
I began by removing the trucks and couplers. I used Cal-Scale SC-301 under body mounting which included a brake wheel that I changed out also. I used Tichy wire grabs and cut levers by Detail Associates #6215. The stirrups are Detail Associates #SS 6417. I used a set of trucks that I had on hand...think they are off of an unused Athearn car.

The roof and under body got a coat of Floquil grimy black while the ends got just a dusting as I did not want to cover up the lettering. There are two mounting notches on each side that are not the same colour as the car body. These I touched up with a small brush and reefer yellow. I then lightly applied Bragdon powders.

This Life-Like car got a grimy black rood and ends before being put into service on the WRD.
This car logo and colouring caught my eye last winter and now operates on contemporary scheduled runs.

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