Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tangent Tank Car

A D&H company service tank car is seen at the Westboro, NH engine facilities. It actually is a Tangent 6,000 gallon 3- compartment tank car right out of the box.
I recently picked up a Tangent 3 compartment tank cars from their second run.  I originally was not looking at adding this car to my fleet but I did break down after seeing Don's tank car earlier this summer. I purchased the D&H company tank car that I thought could float around New England on the White River Division. The General American tank car was built from 1928-1942. These cars could be seen in use into the 1970's and 1980's. The D&H car is actually one they acquired in the early 1970's and lettered which will work when I run my contemporary trains, but for the 1950's trains I just won't mention it heritage to anyone...don't tell on me please....George Dutka

Here we see my tank car after some Bragdon powder was added. It took maybe 15 minutes to dirty it up a bit. It is ready for service this fall once the WRD gets running once again.

D&H road name is included in the new run of Tangent 3 compartment tank cars.

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