Friday, 26 September 2014

Robertsons Paper Co. - Bellows Falls, Vermont

Web site photo of their production model.
A new kit has become available recently that is based on the historic Robertson Paper Company, Bellows Falls, Vermont. In 1881-82, this brick mill was built in view of the Bellows Falls station. It actually has been certified a historic site in 1990. The mill was serviced by the railroad into the 1970's. This kit is offered by Monster Modelworks which is located in Southern California.  This kit is a reduced size structure that measures 9 1/8" by 6 1/4". It is 100% laser wood kit. Since this structure was near the station and in view of the freight house model I already have I thought it would make a good addition to my Bellows Falls scene. I just ordered one. Check out their web site below.....George Dutka

Welcome to Monster Modelworks

This is how the building looked a few years back.

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  1. George, Thanks for posting this kit, I may be able to use it as a backround structure on my Waterbury VT scene. JOHN