Thursday 26 February 2015

Bar Mills Twin Utility Sheds - First Shed

My new little shed is put to work at the WRD local marble quarry.
The Bar Mills twin sheds is a neat little kit which is very simple to build. The first shed is for my marble loading scene. I pulled up a few boards, then gave it a coat of Hunterline weathering mix followed by a coat of Hunterline Cottage White. I then dry brushed some Floquil grime and reefer white followed by some white chalks and Bragdon powders.

The roof had groove marks that looked good just painted black with some dark rust Bragdon powder. I did not apply the tar-paper roofing included. The windows are painted grime with white powder. I dulcoted the plastic and added paper blinds. The platform is just Hunterline stain. The kit has some really nice details included that I used...George Dutka

The basic wall are assembled.
Hunterline weathering mix has been applied. The bottle of Cottage White is ready to be used.
The awnings got a good coat of Bragdon dark rust over black paint.
The roofing without any shingles added look good as-is and simple to paint and install. I pulled up a good number of boards on the walls.
The main colouring on this tiny structure was an experiment with a new colour for me. Hunterline Cottage White which is a neat white-wash that could look good on fences or barns. I used a light coating of this stain on this structure. Don Janes also picked up a bottle of this stain. Will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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