Monday 23 February 2015

Snapshot - February 2015

It is really hard to get a bad shot of a train at this location...Waterbury, Vt. is one of my favorite stopovers. You may note the Amtak station attendant, Andy and I are the only fools standing out on the platform this bitterly cold January day. Green Mountain Coffee has a store in the station that Andy and I could get a coffee and warm up after the excitement was over. The attendant gave us the scoop about the extra power and the layover of a train in St. Albans.
Back in January Andy and I found ourselves trackside at Waterbury, Vt. not long before the arrival of the morning SB Vermonter. A great place to get a shot of the arriving train is just south of the station on the newly constructed passenger platform. A new long platform has been added for better wheelchair access and to keep the crossing clear just north of the station. The day before we noted the Vermonter tucked in behind the St. Albans roundhouse hours before its arrival time. As it turned out due to engine problems the train did not run that found their trip was aboard a bus. Amtrak did deadhead extra power down for the SB trip we viewed that morning...George Dutka

As one can see the stopped train with a good group of passengers rushing to board on a cold day. Seems they did not care who would be first boarding, they rather wait inside the warm station till boarding was to take place.

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