Friday, 12 June 2015

Atlas S-4 Alco - CV 8081

My CV switcher is seen heading out over the White River with a few home road cars in tow.
I purchased this Atlas S-4 model a number of years ago. It came as a CV factory painted unit, but as a DC model. Since I now run DCC I have yet to decide what to do with it. I may turn it into a dummy or maybe add a DCC chip less sound. Don't want to go through the effort of fitting a speaker somewhere in there. The Atlas model painted in CV colours is about all that actually resemble the prototype engine. So shortly after I purchased the unit a few simple details are quickly added to the model as seen in the photos. Unfortunately it is still not a exact replica of CV 8081 as the stack is not the same as on the prototype and one would have to replace the single beam headlight with twin beams. Depending what I plan to do with this engine I might correct these features.

Details added
I added Alco re-railers by Juneco, awnings, a firecracker radio antenna, wipers to the cab front and rear windows, a sand spout on the enginemans side of the cab rear wall and step lighting. I also added an air hose to both ends and the rear door got a bent wire door handle. The engine got some chalk weathering when finished but was upgraded with some additional Bragdon powders in early 2014. The grabs are molded on this model which I left as is for now. This engine in later years got a red safety first sign applied on the hood which once was found used in the roundhouse...a detail that could add greatly to the final look. Is a model ever finished...George Dutka

My Atlas model is factory painted but has a few extra details which helps emulate the prototype engine.
The exhaust stack on S-4 CV 8081 is totally different than what is found on other Alco's and on the Atlas models available. This is one of the details I have yet to track down. At some point it might be changed out.
The garbs on this side and front are molded on. I did not try to scrape them off as it would wreck the nice paint and lettering finish.

Some of the end details added can be seen such as sand filler, wipers, awnings and step lights.
On one of my first visits to St. Albans I found CV 8081 at the shop track on. Sept 24, 1984.
The exhaust stack and old red shop sign are clearly seen. The stack is very similar to those found on parent CNR Alco switchers. George Dutka collection
During a weathering spurt back in Jan. 2014 I even pulled out my1980's era switcher for some additional weathering.
Additional thoughts...on the road recently to Collinsville Don and I discussed CV8081. Don pointed out that NCE has a drop in Atlas DCC board which would simplify the process. He also thought changing out the headlights could work out well since these details are available. The stack we both agreed needed to be scratch built. As it turned out I did get a NCE drop in DCC board in Collinsville...more on that shortly....George

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