Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Railway Equipment - Greenfield Village

A little bit of New England in Dearborn, Michigan. A great display of well kept rolling stock.
Although the weather was not great for photos here are some of the better views from my visit to Greenfield Village on the weekend. I could give you more but best you visit yourself...enjoy...George Dutka

A view through the window of the GT station that was the first structure completed in Greenfield Village during the 1920's. This was one of the stations Thomas Edison worked at. Henry Ford had Mr. Edison present back in the 1920's for the opening of this display. There is a lot to see at the station, engine house and display yard.
This roundhouse was built from what was left of a falling apart roundhouse originally used by the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Railroad in Marshall, Michigan. Many of the original details from the roundhouse and station are used to build this replica. Other material that was similar are used. The total construction cost was 3.5 million. It was added to the site in 2000. The turntable is hand operated. On my visit a group of 4-5 young children pushed it around easily. The turntable was moved from the C&O in Petosky, Michigan.
A caboose is in the process of being restored inside the roundhouse.
No. 7 is being fired up for a wedding train once the park closes. A wedding will be held at the historic church this day.
Looking toward the water tank and coal tower from the station. The coal tower is a new addition.


  1. Interesting to see some of the 40' Boxcars were "modernized" at one point for operations in the 1970s I would think (i.e. no roofwalk, short ladders). I wonder if these are original paint schemes to the car, or just ones the museum chose for display.

    1. Not sure Mike...there was no one there to ask at the time I was taking photos. I don`t think they would repaint them in another road name. If they did they would have picked all the local roads such as GTW and so on. George