Friday 26 June 2015

A CV Tool House for the WRD

A CV freight heads into the next room and past my new CV tool house. On this day a CNR caboose is on the tail end. I built this structure back in Nov. 2014.
I needed a small structure near the overhead bridge that hides the hole in the wall. The inspiration came from a March 1948 photo by Phil Hasting at Bolton, Vt. on the Central Vermont. The photo I clipped out of an old Trains magazine decades ago. I started with a 36' reefer of unknown origin. It was a very simple project that included details I already had on hand. I did not cut out the window locations, I just glued the windows to the side of the car. Once the car is painted boxcar red I just dirty-ed up the window openings with some black powders so one can not see in.  Bragdon powders used to weather the car are dark rust, soot and light rust. The photo captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

My finished model rests on Phil Hastings Trains magazine view that I used for inspiration to build my own CV tool house. The tool house is located in Bolton, Vt. and the photo was taken in March 1948. I had to use a magnifying glass to see the exact details I needed to include. Actually I need a Magnifying glass to see anything small these days.
I added a caboose stack, a Tichy wooden frt. car door, Grandt Line #5059 outfit car windows and a bill box from my junk pile. I added two wire corner end grabs also. I left the row of grabs as is on the right side of the car. The model is set on wooden ties and strip wood running boards are added. The running boards are modeled as worn out and falling apart.
The scene is almost finished. The track is still needing some ballast but that will not happen till I know the curve is right into the Bellows Falls yard. The Hastings photo had a CV crest to the left of the door. I made mine from a photocopy of a Accu-cal 5805H decal sheet. A trespassing sign is added to the door and a ton of junk is placed around the structure.
The weathering is done and a sign will be added to the door before adding to the layout. This is a really simple add-on one can make to a layout which really adds interest to a scene.

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