Friday 5 August 2016

Photocopied Roofing

Northeastern Scale Lumber Co. slate roofing beside a colour copy made this summer. One can see that at $15.49 a sheet and needing more than one sheet at times can run into a good bit of money. For a background building maybe this copy might be good enough.
While visiting with Mark Olstyn and Greg Rich this spring we touched on many interesting modeling ideas Mark and Greg had tried. One really caught my interest...photocopying roofing for use on background buildings. The cost of Northeastern roofing with a low Canadian dollar is getting steep. It seemed worth a try photocopying a sheet of roofing. I made a copy using a colour copier which uses a better quality of paper then the B&W machines. The copy turned out well although not exact. I have included a couple of photos for you to see for yourself. The next step is using it on a background structure...will let you know how I make out in the fall...George Dutka

One can see there is a bit of a difference between the original and the copy.

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