Friday 12 August 2016

Wharf Street Layout - Peter Mumby's Views

A local Forney drifts though town.
Since both Peter and I photographed the Wharf Street Layout at Bar Mills I thought I would show you a few of Peter's views here and mine on my Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge blog. For Peter's views I picked shots that are along the waterline. Art modeled the layout as one is in the bay looking inland...enjoy...George Dutka

Peter's overall view has Art showing me something on his phone. Note how the water is throughout the layouts foreground.
The wharf scene features many boats.

Two more of the boats are well modeled and appear to be floating in the water.

Art has added many details to each scene.

And at the end of the layout is the location for a rail car ferry to arrive. The ferry is not modeled but presumed on its way.

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  1. Exceptional work and exciting to look at.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays