Thursday 4 August 2016

Snapshot - August 2016

Prior to visiting Bruce Douglas in Stratford, Ont. I stopped by the VIA station. As it turned out VIA #83 westbound was over an hour late and would be arriving shortly. June 21, 2016.
This month's snapshot is a mix of views I took back in June. This is a time I normally don't get out and about track side...I am usually at the lake...enjoy...George

From Stratford I drove to the lake. Since by then it was supper time my friend Brad who lives in Goderich (which is 10 minutes away) mentioned going for wings in town (a Tuesday special). I stopped by the GEXR station and shop for a quick visit and found this engine out in a nice sunny spot. First time I found an engine in town this year and well worth the stop.

The OSR shop on an overcast morning, June 23 2016. Peter and I stopped by to see what was happening on our way to the Rapido open house. Not a lot at the moment but it sure was nice to be able to wander through the shop area and check out all the neat old engines. This was my overall view.

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