Sunday 21 August 2016

CP - Bachmann S-2

CP's S-2 works it's way along the White River Division during a later era scene.
I purchased a few years back a Bachmann engine with sound that I was planning to repaint into a New England line. I decided since I was going to have a contemporary fleet on display at times I would need a  few engines. Although this particular CP engine was not used in New England it was used in Ontario and is currently on display in downtown Toronto. I have been using it as is but decided to add a bit of weathering and a few simple detail add-ons. Here is what I did to my engine in one afternoon.

Details Added
I added Juneco C-33 rerailers painted Floquil #12 CN yellow, Details West SL-172 step lights, door handle on rear of cab from bent wire, wiper blades from my parts box, Details West FF167 sand filler and Details Associates #1107 Alco lift rings. I only had a couple on hand so more might be added at a later date. I added Walthers ACL labels D679-HO and touched up the paint in areas missing with white, black and red. That's about it. I could have added the front hood grabs and more on the side but I only have a few left and they are needed on a boxcar I am also working on. These days with our local hobby shop not carrying much in the line of detail parts I have to wait to get restocked when traveling and hitting other shops...George Dutka

I added some red chalk to dull down the shine of the red. One can see it has been applied to the cab roof. More red chalk will follow shortly.

My small fleet of B&M beer cars are being taken care of by CP 7020.

Part of the windows are removed to include an engineman. At some point or when I get motivated once again I will paint up a brakeman. He will find his way into the other window.

Some weathering has been added as these Alcos sure looked grimy throughout most of their working years.
A caboose hop heading over the White River. The caboose is a Rapido offering.

On display in Toronto, Ont. Aug 2015.

CP 7020 on display at John St. roundhouse near Rogers Center and Union Station, Toronto, Aug 2015.


  1. That unit looks good George. Is that red chalk an AIM product? I'm looking for ways to tone down my CP units without an airbrush.

    Dean Purcell
    Bracebridge, ON

  2. Hi Dean:
    No it is a chalk I purchase 20-30 years ago, don't know the name but any red chalk or powders will work. Try it first on the cab roof and think about it for a is easy to remove from there. If satisfied go for it on the rest of the unit...lot of time I use my finger to rub it in...good luck...George