Friday 19 August 2016

Re-purposed Boxcar

Palmer Mass. May 2015. An old CV boxcar still in use as an office and shop.
If you seen the Aug 2016 issue of RMC you have seen the re-purposed boxcar feature. One of the photos that did not make it into the feature, which I really liked is a boxcar currently still in use by the NECR in Palmer, Mass. I took this photo last May while railfanning the area with Don. It was still in use this April when Peter and I stopped by. This might be a scene I would like to model as a mini scene...may have to make another stop for a few more detailed views...George Dutka


  1. Very surprised to see an outside braced car still in existence outside of a museum in 2015 let alone in use. Impressive. Is it still sitting on trucks?

  2. Don't believe the trucks are under the car...George