Saturday 20 August 2016

Railfanning With a Twist - Company Service Trucks

This NECR vehicle was just pulling into the Palmer parking lot as we arrived.  March 30, 2016.
Photo Essay by Peter Mumby

Most railfans have their cameras at the ready as the head end of a train approaches, and then just watch dutifully as the rest of the consist passes by.  Some of us also stay vigilant for interesting pieces of rolling stock.  And then there is my friend Luc.  He likes to watch it all, but often limits his photography to company service rolling stock..........and company service trucks!  Recently I have occasionally found myself thinking along these same lines, so what follows are a few examples from our recent excursion to New England.  Many of these photos were taken at Palmer, Mass.

All GW vehicles have a distinct family resemblance.  This one looks a lot like the Huron Central and OVR vehicles Luc and I photographed three years ago in Northern Ontario.

A number of CSX vehicles were congregated in a parking lot at Palmer.

Progress Rail has a facility in Palmer near the NECR yard.

CSX crews were busy in Palmer on Mar. 30/16.
This GMRC truck was parked in nice evening light at Bellows Falls Vt. on Mar. 30, 2016. The impressive Robertson Paper Co. structure in the background has been featured in a number of George's posts.

It was a dull afternoon when we visited Pittsfield, Mass., both from a weather and train-watching standpoint.  This CSX truck was practically the only game in town.  Note the snow on the hood in this Apr. 04/16 photograph.

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