Friday 27 October 2017

Before and After

Just two dollar buys after I put in two hours of work.
Here is a look at two structures I picked up this spring for a dollar each. I added a wooden sliding door to the one structure that is scratch-built and a chimney to the the small shed. All the rest is paint and chalk weathering. The details are glued to the walls...George Dutka

The before views of these two simple structures.

I added a chimney and painted the structure by brush with acrylic silver and gray followed by some chalk.

Some brown craft paint and a lot of PanPastels are used to colour this structure. I added some signs to add interest and hide the bad spots on the walls.


  1. Great job on these structures, George. Imagination plus!

    1. Hi Eric:
      Thanks it worked out better than I thought...noted you are modeling New England now...I know were you can a VTR engine for a pretty good price and I might have a couple of VTR engines on hand that I may part with...all straight DC...George