Thursday 19 October 2017

New England Road Trip

Layover power is seen in South Portland, Maine Oct. 13 2017
My wife and I spent six days in New England beginning after the long weekend Monday. The leaves had not turned much more than here at home but all was still nice to see. We spent most of the time taking in the tourist things and revisiting a few favorite spots. I did get a few moments in a few of my regular stops when in these areas...WRJ, Palmer and South Portland. The weather was unbelievable for this time of year with some days in the 80's. Shorts and tee-shirts was the norm...George Dutka

The NECR WRJ job has just finished it's shift as I arrive on Oct. 11, 2017

It has been a few years since I have been in WRJ. I was sad to see Polka Dot diner looking in so poor shape. It is currently closed and for sale.
A new build is seen next door to Polka Dot diner in White River Jct.
While in Portland I was able to get a good amount of views of the Maine two footer because our dog needed a walk and guess what...there is a walkway along the yard and ROW...more on my narrow gauge blog about that portion of our trip.
A new bright looking sign is seen in the NECR Palmer, Ma. yard.

The NECR power is laying over in Palmer Ma. on October 14, 2017. The G&W coloring is showing up at all locations.


  1. The last photo raises an interesting question -- GNW looks like it's renumbering locos when it repaints them. RailAmerica GP38s had been in the 3800 series, with other models jumbled into the 2000s. It looks like GP38s now go into the 2000s, although some other models stay in the 2000s as well. Also, RailAmerica had scrambled the home ownership lettered locos around quite a bit, but GNW seems at least partly to be relettering locos for where they are at the time of repaint -- but the NEC photos suggest they unavoidably move around after this is done. So far, I don't see any discussion of what's going on on the web.

  2. Hi John:
    Both of the G&W units are for roads other than the NECR on my trip...George