Sunday 15 October 2017

Fill-in Vehicles

One of my later era trucks in use during this past summer.
During the summer one thing missing for my contemporary era is vehicles that should be seen along the WRD. I do have some rough looking pickup truck models that I though I could detail up a bit without getting too deep into the project...George Dutka

My two trucks along with a variety of cars I found in a box of RR equipment my friend Bob gave me. A multi-level car included in the box, an offering by Tyco from years ago had these cars included.

These trucks are kind of crude with oversize window opening but with a little weathering and paint they look good as stand in's for a few months of model railroading.
This truck is seen on my sand house module. I loaded up the box with a lot of junk. A plate is also added.

The blue truck was missing the front wheels. These I stole from one of  multi level cars. The blue I used was Floquil B&M blue...I sprayed this truck the same time as I did my B&M caboose back in the spring.

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    wow, very good vehicles and great details !!

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