Saturday 28 October 2017

Two more boxcar utility sheds

For this contemporary view of the WRD we see the utility shed in use across from the metal shed which replaces my B&M milk platform for the summer months.
I recently finished two more boxcar utility sheds that I will be taking to the shows I help Peter with. Actually the CN one already sold so maybe another is in order. The CN shed is a blue box Athearn shell while the CP is a Train Miniatures shell. It took me a short afternoon to finish this project...George Dutka.

My two Saturday afternoon projects.

Athearn blue box at its best.

A converted Train Miniatures boxcar shell.

This shed had a temporary home for a few days before the Woodstock train show.


  1. Nicely done, I especially like the distressed running boards, nice touch. I think I see a perfect idea for the upcoming yard office on my Arizona Southern.

    1. Thanks John, old boxcars can be interesting builds...George