Friday 6 October 2017

St.J&LC in 1942 - Facebook Post

On the WW2 Facebook site, taken in 1942
One of the SIG Yahoo groups I follow had a link to a post were one can fined over 70 photos available to view of the St. J. The link is a Facebook page called WW2 Radio - Facebook dated Sept 27th. I am not a Facebook guy but I checked it out and was surprised what I found. You don't have to be a member or have a Facebook account to log in so check it out. There are other railway related posts if you scroll down. I found some really nice looking Kodachrome photo's taken in the 1940's if you are a war guy. Great to see Kodachrome lasts. I have included a few St. J views here with the link found below. I am not sure what the St J has to do with WW2 action but it sure is nice to see...George Dutka

 WW2 RADIO - Home | Facebook


  1. These are great photos! But the link goes to the overall WW2 Radio page, and I searched and scrolled for quite a while without finding the others (just about a zillion other fascinating WW2-related pics). Maxed out my computer's memory looking. If anyone can suggest a more direct route to the St Johnsbury pics it would be a great help.

  2. Hi Jeff other than scrolling back to 2017 I am not sure how one gets to that page...George

    1. Thanks, George. I guess I'll never see the rest of them -- I even tried entering "2017" in the search box, but that didn't find them either. Thanks for the ones here, though!

    2. Hi Jeff
      I have to check my files I know I did download more of the photos found there...if I do I will post another group...there might have been 20 photos total...George