Sunday 8 October 2017

NMRA Booth - Brampton Train Show

NMRA craftsmanship corner which is set up at many of our area train shows.
The NMRA booth was well manned with modelers working on projects that probably will be seen in upcoming convention contests. Actually one of the winning models was on display from this past spring. There was a great deal for new NMRA membership. If you sign up shortly the NFR will cover your cost for a trial membership for the next 6 months..George Dutka

This is the sign offering a great deal for a NMRA trial membership.
A CN cinder car built by Tony Kerr following an article prepared by CN engineman Steve Lucas in CN Lines Vol 13 No 1. These cars are rebuilt from old outside braced boxcars in the 1940-50's with some lasting as long as 1986.

This is a second car scratch-built by Tony Kerr following Steve's article.

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