Monday, 18 February 2019

CV 40' Green Boxcars - Model

A CV local heads out over the White River trestle.
Modeling green CV boxcars is something I have yet to do. I do have a green CV boxcar built by Bob Hannah decades ago that I recently added a bit of weathering to update it for my current fleet standards. Kevin Smith sent me a photo of his model also built back in the 1980's. Here is what Kevin had to say about his model...George Dutka

After reading an article in the CVRHS Ambassador Volume 26, No. 2 I thought I would share a picture of my own CV 40' boxcar model. Although a bit crude by today's standards, the car sees regular service delivering bagged grain on my layout. It's actually the first car I painted and applied decals to back in the early 1980's when I lived in Vermont. For the model I used an old MDC kit for the boxcar and Herald King decals. I painted it "forest green" using a spray bomb. I'm big on rattle cans vs. an airbrush although I do have several...Kevin Smith.

It is interesting to see both Bob and Kevin chose the same car number. I have seen photos of this lettering scheme on cars  CV54510 and CV54511 but have not see a photo of CV54514 lettered this way...something to keep an eye out for...George Dutka

Here we see Bob's car along with some of my prototype photos. I do have a decal for modeling a second car for my fleet. I may use it to model CV54510 or CV54511. The Herald King decal is B-152.
This is a photo I took at East Alburgh, Vermont June 10 1994. This car when first painted was a very dark green. A good photo of how it looked when freshly painted is seen on the cover of the CVRHS Ambassador Vol. 26 No. 2 by Steve Horsley in 1978. These cars arrived on the CV during the late 1970's and early 1980's.
My friend Warren Dodgson was in St. Albans yard on April 2, 1989. Some nice weathering could be done to a model to emulate the car for the 1980's. It originally was a GTW car with a 7' door.
Kevin Smith's model see in his White River Jct. yard. A great looking model.
An overhead view of the roof with a bit of extra weathering. The original boxcar sides were weathered by Bob Hannah.