Sunday, 24 February 2019

February - Update

Tempo Trains on the WRD. No that is not a Rapido model, Peter will explain shortly.
To begin with I added a few blog links to my sidebar that I check from time to time. One is just a newer link to a blog on my sidebar...Traingeek – Trains and Photography

The next two blogs are quite active and I find you might want to check them out.
 Signal Station 199
 D & H "Colonie Main" layout

 I have not worked on the WRD other than to try out a few engines this modeling season. I do have a lot of projects I wanted to do but I think we all know how that goes at times. I have been working on a few structures, one finally completed this week...will post on that shortly. Peter and I have just finished a few truck trailers during our Monday workshops. So check back to see how these turn out...George Dutka

Two weeks ago on our Monday workday Peter is working on his trailer...mine are done and ready for decals.
Here are my trailers ready for painting. The bodies of these Sheepscot Scale Products are plaster castings. I had a tough go getting a good coat of paint to stick to these trailers. The metal castings are spray-bombed a dark brown colour.
One of my friends Terry's creation in O scale. It make a lot of interesting sounds and the horn sound makes one laugh. This was a  Monday workshop that Peter and I went visiting instead of building...kind of playing hooky from modeling.
If you need some inspiration for a detailed scene here is a look at a trailer home found in Little Falls, NY in 1945...not sure if I would want to live there but neat to see.
Also in Little Falls, NY during 1945 was this neat looking house one could scratch or kit-bash. Check out that garage.


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