Saturday, 16 February 2019

MR's - Canadian Canyons

Steven Otte our tour guide at MR took us into the room that the N scale Canadian Canyons layout was displayed. It has been the 2019 feature layout. We also got to see a few of the feature layouts from past years located in the hallways.
At the 2018 Trainfest our group toured MR. Their current feature layout Canadian Canyons was on display in their work shop and we had a good look at it. It actually is pretty impressive considering the area they are modeling in such a small space. There was two groups checking the layout out making photo taking tough. Here are a few views taken with my phone recording the day...George Dutka

Drew fills in the gang on the layouts features. That is Mike Walker in the foreground with the red hat. He actually was dressed for the occasion with a CP hat and shirt.
One can see the joints were the layout can come apart for movement.

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