Saturday, 9 February 2019

Interlocking Tower Refurbished

Something new on the White River Division?
I recently spruced up this interlocking tower kit that someone else had built. It is a well built wooden kit but not well painted and detailed...a cheap flea market find for me. Once completed I decided to set it at my diamond location to take a few photos. It actually does not look all that bad there but I only refurbished it for some extra practice. I spent maybe 30 minutes on this project. It was a for-sale item I took to a recent train show...and now has a new home.

You may have noted the B&M Rapido RDC car on the layout. This is something new to the WRD. I got a great deal on this one during Trainfest when our group visited the Walthers warehouse. It was marked as defective but I could not find any issues with it. I had a chance to run it on their test track. For just over $100 US I can live with this. I did not actually find the defect till I got home which was a very small crack on the plow corner and really does not show. If one gets a chance Walthers is well worth a stop.

If you are not drooling yet about my great deal our whole NFR group walked away with something that had a ridiculous price on it....George Dutka

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