Monday 30 September 2019

NER - Roomettes Hands-on Clinic

All the seats are taken for this hands-on clinic.
The only hands-on clinic I could attend was Roomettes. Barry Silverthorn did a great job taking a pretty large group through building up the interior kit. With about 20 in the room he kept moving to see how we all were doing. I did not get my interior into the building while there. I wanted the lights turned on to position the rooms properly. More on my model and how it looks with the Roomettes installed...George Dutka

A short clinic to start off.
One of the two upper rooms is assembled and ready for the LED.
Some extra guidance is always nice.
Roomettes display model of the kit I was building.
All three rooms are together and lights installed. When I got home a bit of canopy glue was applied to the edges of the lights to keep them secure. Once the rooms are in place one does not want to go back in for adjustments.

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