Saturday, 30 May 2020

Roll-By Inspection

CB&Q 85117, an old AHM model, was a flea market find.  Much of the detail is overly heavy, but I thought a little weathering would make this appear less obvious.  I added some decal data ( models of this vintage lacked end lettering ), and then applied some acrylic rust hues to the roof.  PanPastels were used to tone down the sides.
By Peter Mumby.
If you railfan in an area that features an old pile trestle, you know that you'll have lots of time to set up for your shots if you hear an approaching train.  With permanent slow orders in place, you will have time to get your drone aloft and set up to photograph every piece of passing equipment that catches your interest.  That scenario could at least partially justify the shots that accompany today's post, although those antique covered hoppers look more than a bit out of place.  They must have been waybilled to a local railway museum!

The truth of the matter is that our regional NMRA-WOD group is preparing a virtual show-and-tell modelling session for the end of the month.  Members were asked to send in two or three photos of projects they have been working on over recent months.  My submissions involved these three cars that have been given a little light weathering.  Products used included acrylic paints, Vallejo rust texture, and PanPastels.

WAB 41100 is actually a car that I detailed, painted and lettered about 30 years ago.  I recently took it down off the shelf and gave it some attention in the form of acrylic paints and PanPastels.
CNA 419266 is an Intermountain car.  The roof was brush-painted with light grey dollar store acrylic paint, followed by drybrushed black and rust shades.  The sides were treated with PanPastel colourless blender, and the dark patches at the top and bottom of the side panels were made with Vallejo rust texture.

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