Friday 22 May 2020

Scratch-Building a Loading Ramp

The finished ramp and loading dock prior to being applied to the layout.
For my second loading ramp location I scratch-built the structure following the dimensions of Kip Grant's ramp. I used my laser kit leftovers, reject off cuts from Mt. Albert Lumber and a package of 1 by 6 boards for the decking. These deck boards are a bit thin but with hobby shops closed due to the virus I went with what I had. Since the dock is fairly small they actually look really good once finished...George Dutka

The beginning of the loading dock.
The ramp is done and the dock is about to get a deck.
The deck boards are being applied.
The loading dock began with a coat of Hunterline Creosote black. One could leave it just like this.
These are the other products I applied to the loading ramp and dock.
 A closer up view of the loading dock. Bolt castings are added around the edges.
When I built the ramp I left a bit of a gap between the boards.

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