Sunday, 31 May 2020

Scene is now Finished

The finished scene is the third version for this area on the WRD in just over 15 years and possibly the best.
About a week or so ago I finished a scene redo. I moved Cosby Coal back from the main line to the spur track removing the siding. The scratch-built ramp and dock is placed next to it and the Sylvan CN-GT tool house that was in the WRJ yard scene has been moved to along the main line. Some brass etching barb wire fence has been place along the main and also the spur...George Dutka

Cosby Coal is removed along with all the details. The trees and fence still needs to go. The valley on the right next to the faceboard got a redo also...will show you shortly.
The coal siding and some of the scenery that needs to be flattened out has been removed. At this point I was thinking "what have I done now".
A Gatorfoam drop in base is made for Cosby Coal. Cardboard contours will be covered shortly with plaster cloth.
A look down view into the scene .
My scratch-built ramp and dock has work to get done now. The banding straps are electrical tape.
A view before the section house was installed. The area looked too open. Most of my section houses seemed too large. The Sylvan model is a nice small size that can fit in almost anywhere on a layout. It works well for CN-CV-GT locations.

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