Monday 11 May 2020

The Hilton Center - Rensselaer, NY

All these photos are from the Hilton Center web site.
John Nehrich on April 28th had an interesting post of a structure complex found in Rensselaer, NY, just north of the Amtrak station. It also is just across the Hudson river from Albany. It once was a shoddy mill (old rags for textiles) called William Barnet & Sons. It still stands and I think Peter and I drove by the back of it on our way to the Amtrak station back in January. This could be an ideal industry to model with all the angles and materials used. The Hilton Center found inside a portion of the structure is an Arts center...George Dutka

 John Nehrich's NEB&W Historical, Technical & Model Railroading

Back in the day shoddy was made from old rags. The fibers shed  seen here are for textiles.
On John's Facebook page he has a view of the station located here also called Forbes station, which is the current name of the road behind the complex.
A lot of neat add-ons over the years.

The road seen behind the complex is were Peter and I traveled to the Amtak station.


  1. I gone train spotting there before for the Troy Local and always wondered what that building was. Thanks for posting the great pictures!