Tuesday 16 February 2021

H.W. Myers & Sons - South River Modelworks

The mill is now set in place on Don Janes Green Mountain Division. I took this trackside photo using my cell phone on my last visit to Don's in late 2019. With covid we have not been able to visit each others layout in a year.
I took some photos over the years of Don Janes version of the H W Myers & Sons. The prototype stands in Bennington, Vt. and a kit by South River Modelworks was available about 10 years ago. Since I am currently building this model it is good to have a lot of reference photos. I will be posting views of SRM display from when the kit was released and some prototype photos shortly...George Dutka 

I took this photo back in 2015 on Don's peninsula when not a lot had been set in place yet.

A closer up view of one end during 2017.

A roadside view of the mill taken with my cell phone.

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