Friday 5 February 2021

N Scale Long Barn


The barn is almost complete. The doors are a bit thick so they are applied inward. Thinner versions can be made if need be.

I finally finished the N scale version of the Creative Laser Design model. I use my HO paint and weathering techniques on this model. What works in HO does not always work in N scale. After taking the photo above I decided to change the weathering. I applied a wash of Floquil thinner with a little red paint added. The darker red walls had more red added to the wash. On the wall that is mostly gray the wall got a wash of thinner and Floquil grime. It now looks a lot better...George Dutka  

The lower bracing is added and the four wall will be assembled shortly.

This is all that comes with the kit. A lot less detailing than is found in the HO scale version. The price reflex the lack of. One can add anything that is found on the HO model.
Since this barn is a good size even in N scale I braced the walls and roof well. The middle flooring really helps with bracing on one side.

The barn is ready for stain and paint. I replaced the wood roof with cardstock roofing. I don't recall were I got it from. It will be covered with a gray tone of roll roofing.


  1. A quality job again George. I couldn't have come close that result..

  2. Thanks Gary. That was the kit I got off you at the train show a year or so ago...George