Thursday 18 February 2021

Throwback Thursday - CN Test Train

CN 5358 is heading up the Test Train at Barrie, Ontario on August 30, 1990.

By Peter Mumby.

On August 30, 1990 CN 5358 South was operating on the Newmarket Subdivision.  When photographed, it was occupying the siding in front of the 1905-built Allandale station in Barrie, Ontario.  Its trip towards Toronto would resume as soon as Ontario Northland 1987 and its train, the Northlander, cleared the south siding switch. 

The short train consisted of two cars belonging to the CN Engineering/Ingenierie Department.  Both cars were relatively recent additions to the roster, having been reconfigured from older equipment in 1988.  Ballasted box car CN 15007 was ex-CN 60 foot box car CNA 794704, while CN 15008 was ex-VIA number 1082.  This latter car had been built in 1954 as CN 1082, "Cape Rosier."   

CN 15007 is a ballasted box car belonging to the CN Engineering Department.

Bringing up the rear on this short train is CN 15008.


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