Tuesday 2 February 2021

Intermountain "War Emergency" Gondola

A finished Intermountain "war emergency" gondola ready to roll on the WRD. Looks like this ATSF car has traveled a long way to New England.

Peter gave me an really nice Intermountain gondola for Christmas this year which is a built Tichy kit and is factory lettered. It is nice to get a Tichy model already finished. I did not realize that these two companies had worked together on this model. Something to watch for at future train shows. All I had to do was add some weathering and trash to the interior...George Dutka 

The joints between the wood boards got a rub of AK graphite.

The metal work got a dusting of AK dark rust pigment. The wheels are painted acrylic dollar store cinnamon brown. The tucks are spray bombed Princess Auto cast iron.

I used these two colours of AK pencils to streak the floor joints prior to AK dark rust pigments and raw umber shade PanPastels. The AK pencils are dirty white and smoke.

Some pieces of scrap board and a skid are seen left behind in the car.

The finished gondola with weathering and scrap on the WRD.

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