Thursday 25 February 2021

Throwback Thursday - From the Erie Shores

Lake Erie Steel SW900 #458 is sitting at the top end of the CN London yard on January 20, 2001.

By Peter Mumby.

This short post is designed to complement the offering of September 30, 2020 in which a "Stelco Relic" is described.  The #458 portrayed in today's photo is actually a sister unit to the Stelco locomotive, since Lake Erie Steel is the name of the division of Stelco which is situated at Nanticoke.  This SW900, originally constructed as CN 8547, was a GMD product of January, 1954.  It later appeared as CN 7212, then CANAC 7212.  In addition to the fresh paintwork, the potential modeller should check out a few interesting details, such as the handrails, the end number board, and the cab side window.


  1. Those side handrails look like they came off a merry-go-round! Very cool photo.

  2. And the roller bearing trucks... that’s a unique locomotive for sure!