Sunday 28 February 2021

Weathered Wood

Weathering mix and creosote black are both the same colour. Weathering mix is Hunterlines original formula.

Here is what I do to emulate weathered wood. I begin with Hunterline stain Creosote followed by a coat of Floquil Grime. At one time Floquil made some nice stains and I used driftwood to weather wood. Floquil also had a stain walnut which I would apply after driftwood if a darker finish was required.

Today as a variation after the grime is applied some areas which would require dark weathering some Floquil black is lightly brushed over that area followed by a wash of thinner. If colouring is to be added the colour is added followed by a wash of thinner. I go back and forth between the tones and washes all while the walls are still wet. I sometimes need to add more grime through the process nearing the end...George Dutka

On my long barn a tone of Flquil red is seen in the structure. This is the side that would face the harshest of the weather.

This Branchline model I followed photos I had to get a prototype look.

Finished model

The weathered side of this Northeastern Models barn kit shows hints of red.

Although there is a lot of red on this wall it is applied the same way. This technique is one I used before I began using Bragdon powders and PanPastel. Although the results now are similar with PanPastels I really like this approach of washes much more.

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