Friday, 23 July 2021

A New Tavern For Waterbury


Wiley's Good Time Tavern is the newest structure for Waterbury.

      Building Mine Mount's Wiley's Good Time Tavern

     A couple of weeks ago I added a post to the blog showing some of the structures that make up my Waterbury Vermont scene.  Just last night I finished another structure for the town.  It is Wiley's Good Time Tavern, a kit from Mine Mount Models.  I bought the kit as I thought it would be a good fit for the town and to me, it had a nice New England look about it.

This is the box for the Wiley's kit

      Like most craftsman kits, Wiley's is mostly laser cut wood, some laser board parts, Tichy windows and doors and several small white metal castings. The kit came with a set of very well written instructions, a parts list and many good quality photos to help the modeler build the kit.  The instructions also give a few optional things you can do to the kit but I elected to build it as per the instructions as I liked the look of the kit as it appeared on the box

     Construction was straight forward and everything fit as described. I made sure I added lots of interior bracing to keep all the walls nice and straight and free of warping. The front of the tavern is supposed to be covered in stucco and I think it adds a nice touch.  To accomplish this look I built and braced the wooded front and two sides of the front portion then filled in any gaps with wood putty. Once dry I sanded these parts smooth, and slightly rounded the corners.  The stucco effect was accomplished by giving the walls a couple of coats of textured spray paint as suggested in the plans.  It is Rust-oleum Multicolour Textured paint.  This paint is quite expensive at $17 for a can but I feel the results are worth it.  I couldn't get the beige colour they suggested so bought the brown colour and painted it with light acrylic craft paints.  Hopefully I will build some more stucco structures to use up some more of the paint. 

     The fancy sections at the entrances to the pub and restaurant are built up from several layers of laser board that can be painted separately then laminated together to form each section.  This makes for a very neat finished section with nice clean colour separations.  The vertical posts are laser cut wood.  I used the paper curtains and signs that came on a sheet in the kit and added City Classics curtains for the other windows.

These two photos show the completed window sections/

A lot of the interior bracing can be seen in this shot

      The roofing is very thin laser board cut to represent round shingles and is a nice change from the standard slate or three tab shingle roofs found on most structures.  This job went quite smoothly but it was very time consuming going around the dormers and chimneys on the front of the roof.  The only extra thing I added were some Tichy shutters as I felt they added a little more character to the building.

      The chimneys are made up of laser cut wood sections that need to be glued together.  The mortar lines are very nicely done and the finished chimneys are quite interesting.  You can almost picture  couple of big fireplaces at each end of the tavern room.

     There is a sheet of various signs that can be added to the structure if desired.  

      Overall this was a fun build and this kit gives me a very interesting tavern that will sit across from the depot so thirsty travelers can quench their thirst after a long train ride.

The large lamp over the door is the top section of a Campbell lamp post and the "W" was on a sheet of laser board. The lamp hanger is a piece of .020 brass wire.

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